Guys are learning 
what it takes to get free....
And it's changing their life....
Have you ever felt stuck because you continue to mess up in the area of sexual purity?  
Maybe for you it's porn or sexual fantasy or masturbation or hooking up. 

Which of these have you said to yourself before:

"Ok, that was the last time." 
"I don't think I can stop."
"I'm just more sexual than most people 
"I deserve this." 
"I'm not even sure I want to stop."
"I'm tired of thinking these thoughts about this person." 
"Why do so many guys struggle in this area, I just don't get it." 

Many guys have fallen into the trap and they 
don't know how to get out.

But are we even sure that we want to get out?
We've become so accustomed to being in the trap,
 we don't even know how amazing life could be if we got out.

Trust me, you want to get out of the trap!

But how you ask?

Josh McDowell told me recently..."before it's a moral problem, it's a neurological problem." 

There's a brain issue that needs to be addressed. Like it says in Romans, we have to "renew our minds".

You know what this means?

There's hope!

Once you understand the process of how to renew your mind, you will be able to tackle this problem head on.  
According to Josh McDowell and other experts it's harder to overcome porn than cocaine or heroin!  

While there are definitely stories of God miraculously healing people from cocaine in an instant, for most cocaine addicts it takes time and a process to follow to get free. 
You would never tell a cocaine addict to just to "pray harder" and "memorize a Bible verse" and think that would solve it. 

 We know there's more to it than that.
Same with porn and other unwanted sexual behaviors.
Guys all across the country are 
educating themselves on HOW to get free, 

and then when they APPLY it,
 they get free! 
There are principles to follow from God's word that are being confirmed by recent brain research. 

You can rewire brain! Just like you wired your brain for your current habits, 
you can rewire it to form new good habits!   
Once guys get free, 
they never want to go back! 

Ask any of them! 
I know because that's what happened to me....
I was the guy that was struggling for years.  I didn't tell anyone.  I hinted at it with friends but was always vague and never 100% honest with anyone.  

Not even with myself. 
 Sometimes I would seriously try to stop and I'd be good for a while, but then other times I would just give in.  I learned later that I was caught in the middle of a Binge Purge Cycle. 

 Right before I messed up each time, I would have all kinds of excuses as to why it was ok that time. 

Have you been there before?
Then one day, I said enough was enough.
 Some friends and I educated ourselves on the principles of what it takes to actually get free.  And then I started applying those principles! What happened next was amazing.   

All of my relationships began to change.  I was no longer in the shadows, kept back by shame.  I had a new found confidence in my life.  I was closer to God, closer to my wife, and closer to my friends. 
And now I want 
to help others 
experience this freedom.
Can you imagine a world 
where you and other guys 
are not enslaved to 
your sexual desires?
I can and it will be amazing!

In my experience, the man who has recovered from a porn habit or any addiction - because of the amazing process of getting free - is healthier, stronger, more humble, more compassionate, closer to God, better husband and father, and is stronger than he ever would have been.

 And that's why I'm excited 
to help guys like you get free. 
"The Trap"
Guys are stuck but there is hope to get out!
 "Thank you so much for all that you’re doing through this. I’ve never seen anything like this but have thought how cool something like it would be, and it just blows my mind how great a resource this is. As I’m sure you know communities like this aren’t always the greatest, but here there is so much love and so much hope and I’m just so thankful for that!
Seth M 
Run Free Challenge/Endurance Member
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